It forgot making housing loan moneymaking, that your the thinking investor dealt with the equal to or more than 90 world percent of ordinary income groups and that you became riches?
It is like this when not thinking of the housing loan where it is possible to do payment in the space.
It is deserted by the God who was cheered to become riches when not becoming a person kindly.

It is the problem of the housing loan toward the lower income as to become.

of selling the housing loan which it is possible to pay without the impossibility which will have thought of so if being the God of Wealth who saw this

However, it thinks that such an idea is superficial when seeing from me.
Because, because the greed of the human being is the one which continues expansion until it fails, it is thing さ to run by aiming to fail about decelerating this time, too.
The richness of the one and the richness of the heart aren't proportional readily.
Therefore, as for the human race, the reset, that all is poor, thinks of need and the deity of poverty.

The business conditions is how stall? thing in the problem of the subprime loan.


サブプライム問題 The subprime problem