Because there is such a war experience person in the person not to be doing a comfort woman and such a bad thing among them into the politician who is, too, when the people who experienced the end, such a war now disappear, even this will be convenient for the such politician.

The child is buying livedoor Co.'s stock for the spending money and the parents are telling whether or not! I that profitable! is stunning accompany though I don't know a way of buying a stock, and so on.

It continues origin, the bank clerk, the arraignment who makes poison gas.
It is meeting or that 79 years old, the person who did such an experience even now live.

!I who don't have yes so in, am a woman, the coldness is calmness and the home is Mannen's spring if eating a snack at the house and having green tea.


The arraignment of the war experience person from the news

This coldness if thinking that it does this how becoming one? coldness, that it does spring, already, it dies!

However, temporarily, 8000 yen made a profit, it thinks that it isn't already resigned from when understanding the taste of the stock that way.
Because there is a gamble
The meeting of the possible love which isn't resigned from


The beginning of the livedoor Co. tumult





In spite of being spring, it is this coldness!