景気対策 The countercyclical measure
The return, the state of the how doing world
Yeah, the story the sign of what and the economic recovery occurred in and to say to it, too, appears.
The truth?



The business conditions seems to take a rest when depressing, too, when seeing from the eyes of the, growing old.

So or ・・・


However, in each, it is and it thinks that the deity of poverty sees by it and that the viewpoint of the person had better feel.
As for that the deity of poverty like the, growing old comes out, the unnecessary business conditions becomes bad.
Does it meet?
The future judgement in the situation of the how thinking God of Wealth?
but it seems that it has begun a economic stimulus measure at the world scale
However, it seems that it is the measure that the expanded economy wants to return the expansion the direction again in the convenience and the being feeling judgement in the one which leaned on the direction of the shrinkage.
As for the actual condition, it swells up and to shrink is economic investment value judgement consideration's exercise.
In it, it is the fact to be inconvenient, and even if it spends power contrary to the exercise, in the front, drily, the possibility to beat oneself is high and is.

After all, the foreign countries buy, support America and of? now, they think that the end is decided now.






But that house bubble in America popped is said to that it does cause about the aggravation of the economy in now
The one as economic itself in now is expanding after all, being a part like the speculation economy
The liveses of ordinary people are to endure even if economy is aggravated and that the country should do now will be the environmental improvement of the endured social life.
It thinks that the present situation doesn't become if there is not environment optimization investment such as the reducing measure in the exemption of the taxation system in the unemployed period, the electricity, gas, at the water supply that the citizen can survive more by unemployment's, sick unemployment's immediately improving housing conditions this which is expensive which it isn't possible to pay an expensive rent for.
The debt in the country, too, decreases because it activates economy.
In other words, it thinks that the business conditions should improve miscellaneous problems based on bad now.
To that as much as becoming
At all, the supernatural power effect of the God of Wealth seems not to incorporate, but there is a feeling of supernatural power's being simpler but how?


To become a sample to the other country even if it makes either is an ideal, too, but may be a duty as the advanced.
The boiling of it of growing old, too, coming out outside when not improving business conditions, too, slow to that isn't out done or hey

Oh,! which is dozing if thinking that it became quiet, too, is ー!
しかしなぁ、この福の神の緊迫感のない姿勢がこのページでおいらがリーダーになるチャンスなのかも! クックックッ!
However, it is hey the chance for the growing old to become the leader in this page in the posture which doesn't have the tension of this God of Wealth!

It said what it is?
It is oh saying nothing of? particularly.

It is an imprudent thought when it is necessary to become strenuous in sharing sense for the human being who spends anxious every day.
The reconsideration

Discourteously with the human being when so anxious for the deity of poverty, the gods can not fill gold as much as the mountain with the supernatural powers even about the greed of one human being to the human being even if it gives.
However, it knows that the happiness comes when the human being sometimes changes his own sense of values finally.
To do the help will be the intention of the gods.

It is so.