It is me, and it cuts off in now of thinking that it calls to the earth this time with this equipment and that it let's see and Mars will be the understood but critical status well.
Now, everybody's dad, mother will work hard by the work.
Therefore, because it surely is the posterity of the Martian if it is possible to have caught the earth and contact with this equipment, it is to think that it comes to the help in the satellite to come to Mars.

Hull, it thinks of such a thing seriously?

There are a great stunning idea, a feeling that the hope can the! great seeing was done, being good.

In the thing, it is Hull with that it seems that it calls a this hairline, recording.

The joke because I, the head are good

It saw it, this image before, too.

Yeah, if thinking whether or not it returns immediately, 3 is passing already.
It is ・・・・ to have been saying that ピピ was made to be able to do a junket under the blue sky when going.

The father, the mother disappeared from any house and it is at the old person and the aunt, the teacher at the school and then in the one that only the we child disappeared that yeah, that were so was left.

Yeah, to have gone is far remembrance.

It didn't go to the junket when there were past, parents in the house?

It is because Hull of the friend came to the play about it because it came to the mood today.

The truth, its thinking that it boils by the aunt and that it will hear whether that to think so reaches the earth really with this equipment is a one with doing and saying such a not understanding thing

The meeting and its not being selfishly made

Lulu of what?

It isn't crying by!, being false.

That, Lulu is crying?

Immediately, it is good remembrance and as for sky's becoming such a color, as for anyone, the junket is the one which passed away, being.

It was so and at our time to be small, it went to the junket in everybody's home.


The next going of it isn't done to the junket to at all?

The hoping

It was learning well.

,To think of such a thing will be light.
In spite of it seems that it forgets the face of the father, the mother, not wanting to leave truth of wanting to behave like the baby already at wanting to behave like the baby

It doesn't think that it doesn't scold if the stomach stands at the contact pear, the parents in 3 and the parents are in being so as if it does returning in line standing wax, or if it does a returning standing connection and if it does returning standing? taking?

Being good, it is a junket.