However, because 10,000 is 1, it thinks that will do a farewell beforehand.
There is with that sad news.
The mother passed away a short while ago.
The mother made only that it is possible to meet ピピ with Lulu pleasure.
It is sorry.



It is the fact that the last time was now.
It understands.
It isn't possible to meet even if it wants to meet because to think that it is ピピ, a father and that it becomes surely big wants to meet but the father has the last work.
It is permission.
There is last request in the beginning from the dad.
It is to defend Lulu and an aunt as the boy until the last time.
It is the duty of ピピ as the man.
Then, the father heads for the work of the last energy development.

The count-down

Because it is possible to meet a father, a mother in the heaven in the last which may visit soon in, when 10,000 is 1, not be horrified.
When and whether or not the civilization is in this way break.

It was Lulu, ピピ fine buying? father, and it worked hard that it is possible to mean a for a long time deserted thought and for the permission to survive at all but it was no good.
However, the dad doesn't give up yet.

Then, the word of Toto doctor and a message from the surviving people were sent through the telepathy equipment from the artificial intelligence equipment on the depths of the earth.

Get home in you, now and let's wait quietly.
It didn't find that what woke up but as for that it must not forget, your father, mothers multiplied all by you to keep this civilization.

Meanwhile, the teacher told all.

It is the one which is different from the, result.
You boast of the father, the mother.
We request.
Well, let's return.

Then, it remembered the day when the family parted to Lulu who heads for the house.

Then, a message from the father was moved to ピピ, too, with Lulu.