It returns what time?


It is the permission which we, too, don't find.

There are Lulu, a story.


What, the father?

Yesterday, it will have heard the story of Toto doctor.
And then, the father and the mother, too, participated.
Now, because the one which Lulu has request, Lulu are a elder sister, it defends ピピ and it, she make house-sitting an aunt?

The people who received information of Toto doctor at this time were successive and ran to the facilities of the artificial intelligence at the basement.
Therefore, it centered on new Kaihotsu at the tunnel and Kaihotsu of the remover of Schildt who accumulates to the barrier.
However, it became a battle with the time with under the conditions of which either is aggravated.

Because it contacts if ending in, and that it is possible to return becomes possible

It will anytime be made of telepathy if being a, contact.

It thinks that the telepathy, too, doesn't reach because it is permission and the work in this time is a deep place at the basement.

Lulu has a valuable story in Lulu, the father and the mother.