Of that all gathers and that all talks about the boiling which becomes still bright, and hearing a class by all and that all doesn't grow!


The class

Hull, it does whether or not it is however and that it does the thinking of whether or not all let's call to the school as much as possible from tomorrow to go to school of being consultation.

Being good, it is Lulu.

Today, Hull of Lulu's friend came.

Being good really, it is Hull.

By already the satellite in America in the neighborhood in Mars from several years before
It does an observation activity in Mars and the lander works on the surface of the earth in Mars.
It was to do news being today.

The meeting, in such a case, to live strenuously as the child and to be, being fine are dutiful, it gathers and will become bright with all.

The meeting and truth's being the true appearance which it makes a child

Yeah, it says that the parents of being so don't return by the work and to withdraw from the world at the house is to think that it is sorry with the parents.

Immediately, let's work hard.

Yeah, let's have praise if meeting and the parents return hard brightly.

The m'm ! of not being learning about when but that the image, the TV in the earth, can be seen

This has never attended that it is mysterious and that the one? thing like this which is an image in the earth seems, and so on.

The poem of the class
Doing the favorite of the progeny at the small school in the big city, in the small neighborhood in it
Among the things that all was known responsibly between the pal, the friend
That it is possible to amuse however it is discouraged and that it is possible to fit can cooperate.
This is the class of Mars.

This person is the teacher of the class.
All the members are gathered, to be after a long time and seem extremely glad.
The class of Mars catches a notebook hardly.
" It hears and it learns " It is a one.
But, the teacher uses a character to explain a class.