It was different from the other land to the extent that its feather, this Hirahara were called Hirahara which the god lives in from the ancient past, and there was special magnetic field environment and the gravitation was different from the others.


It is possible to be seen in the boiling to want to attend where the earth advances more than the dancing, the car, the music, direct Mars when seeing an image at the aunt, in the earth.

After Mars, the big something unusual

It is so as becoming.

However, the people of the opinion to make in this barrier anxious, to immigrate to the immigration to the basement or the satellite in Mars and that will live inside the satellite went out and the people left.

However, after that, it doesn't find that it went where.

It is so.

The civilization that the civilization of the one? earth which can be seen so has a value to the richness of the one by the material civilization, the civilization of the greed that there is not rescuing in all the things
In, to that, it limits and some resources and the environmental destruction occur.
The earth will come to a deadlock in the problem.
The civilization of this Mars is the civilization which doesn't injure environment from the beginning and is the civilization which is simple and is beautiful, knowing that it is adequate.

After that is Tamotsu connection's reserve in former quiet environment, protecting a natural environment, repeating a magnetic field barrier more artificially.

The aunt, however, in the earth's axis in Mars, even if there is something unusual which the sea in Mars rushes to the outside in Mars out of, being upset, our grandfathers are to have been rescued why?

In the other planet, the ancestor of us who were in this Hirahara in the grace who think that there is such a mysterious place was rescued.

Was to have chosen to live as expected in Hirahara when thinking of such a, situation impossible?

Yes is ・・・.

The elder sister, what thing?