Lulu traces passed remembrance.

Lulu's remembrance


I, too, don't understand why it is.

The sky in recent Mars became the sky of the orange which is caused by unknown origin and was giving a lot of public anxiety in the same way as the parent and child of Lulu, ピピ.
Therefore, two scientists went to check and to see the management computer which is doing a check maintenance in the underground facilities which manage a barrier as the part of the cause investigation.
So far, it feared the evil of the for a long time artificial mistake and it was entrusted to the completely automatic computerization.
However, it investigated because the situation this time was an unexpected situation.

20 days later, a message was sent from two scientists to the receiver in each home.

Lulu's family felt the importance of the thing because he saw a sent image and the completeness and the diagram of Toto doctor changed.

The introduction of the receiver, this equipment are different from the TV in the earth and the amplification, the reception of the telepathy and so on, too, are the equipment to do.
As for the Martian, the telepathy isn't degenerating because the spiritual culture is in the basis.
This equipment can not receive an image in the earth originally.
However, at Lulu's house, the image in the earth could be received all too soon.
The resolution to make that it shoulders the telepathy of Lulu's parents in the reception brought about such miracle.

It is you, Toto doctor.
It announces Research Result in this time.
Hear without being surprised.

Regrettably, it is convinced of a fact even if it sees a dater.
As for just as it is, the stop of the equipment by the collapse of the barrier which is due to the increase of lodgment, barrier equipment energy's being exhausted originates in the near future.
To prevent it, it is not from Kaihotsu at the tunnel and Kaihotsu of Schildt's remover.

Proved to have begun to become gathered difficulty with the crustal alteration by the tunnel of the gathering of an energy source of worsening to have understood this time from the contact with the artificial intelligence equipment by the accumulation such as the one like the clay particle which was not on the barrier so far

Anyhow, we request your prompt participation.

You, such a red sky will continue until what time.