With to mean the thought which is permission, and! ピピ OBJ DO, is deserted being possible

I, it doesn't worry.

It is, permission.

I am anxious for whether OK, the elder sister are OK only.

In thanking you, the elder sister is OK.

Sneering at being good

The thought as Lulu, the elder sister


All too soon, it thought that the ruination was near this Hirahara state about Lulu's thought because the important younger brother, the younger brother about ピピ who was taken charge of from the parents, however, went out to the work to defend this country and 3 passed and Lulu had no contact after that about it.

No, it is not in what quarreled with the elder sister.

However, Lulu made such a thing a mouth and hadn't been held.
The mind of a lot of Martians in addition to Lulu had the anxiety.
Especially, in case of Lulu, it feared to know the anxiety where there was ピピ so.
Because, ピピ which doesn't have to have seen a blue sky in Mars of not knowing the face which is a father, a mother seems pretty and is hopeless because ピピ parted from the parents small.

Yes, aunt what Tuesday is it?

,ピピ sees the state which the elder sister fell into and is suffering.

The aunt, too, felt so doing Lulu's pain.
However, there was not a word of the comfort, too.

By Lulu, the growing old

ピピ, it doesn't put on.

That Lulu brooded became quite many children.
That it was conspicuous especially recently increased.
To that, there was a reason.
It was to do ピピ being.

It was ピピ, a elder sister and a quarrel?