Even if it isn't possible to fly in the air with ピピ, Martha, this airship, as for this civilization, physically, the food gathers and all necessary ones such as the clothes, the house are automatically supplied.
When boiling in the necessary one for the durability, too, to be excellent, and to live and that that there there is not environmental destruction, too, goes and being filled, above it is greed and should be conscious that it is adequate.


Then, it was scolded.

In thanking you, it is Marg.

Truly, your father said that he was it of being managing these underground facilities and that the the first time boy received when ピピ was born and he came to the show to me and was extremely glad about it.

Whom are the one with my name to know at what, you?

The person on the insides such as there understands it if Martha cries for " a grandma " in the powerful telepathy.

It keeps absence tightly with the family until carefully and it returns and the parents return both to two.

It was surprised?

It is true and the grandmother of! me, too, is searching for me.

It is terrible and the elder sister is searching for me in the telepathy.

It knows that the sky at its feather, in this Hirahara is protecting Hirahara in the powerfulness of it at the barrier of the god and in the engineered barrier of him


By the way, Marg, it is not to use such a convenient vehicle why?

Of course, it is and it is Marg.

ピピ, it may be to have possibly been learning an incantation then.

There is not a problem in the appearance but the energy has run out.
There is not a person who can operate to that.

It says that it is ashamed of such a timid father of ピピ without being so surprised.

Gee, your family is searching for you.

Parents of ピピ, Martha, you in thanking you OBJ DO and to understand, too, will rejoice.

The barrier is strong in the power that it protects the inside from outside surely but it is the one which is very dangerous for the spacecraft to pass.
Now, it stopped flight because Haruka or the people in the past never contributed to the Martian life by resigning from the use of the spacecraft and going out with that out of Mars, too, and made an atmosphere dirty only.

This is called a spacecraft.
It is a vehicle once upon a time.
It was possible to come out even out of Mars in this.
The buying which ピピ, too, calls Marg by calling me Marg by the father of ピピ, ピピ, charging with the familiarity?

What are the computer, this?

It came in us each at what?

It is sorry.

It understood.

I am a machine, artificial intelligence 330.
It is the management computer which manages these underground facilities.

In thanking you, it is Marg.

Marg, it is left by the table if being how?

Marg, it is left by the table if being how?

Marg, this are that it is possible to splash even now?

Yes yes

Did it understand?

Necessity however, to enter respectively, the incantation is good because it cast a respectively entering spell about you.

In thanking you, it is ピピ.

In that it agreed, ピピ comes respectively only once jejunely with your father.

The truth?

In spite of advocating inaccurately in

Yes yes

It found that we were respectively why?

ピピ, too, is so.
It was surprised with some thing because it presented big telepathy with the elder sister.

It is sorry.